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MLS New User Training

Thank you for subscribing to the Great Plains Regional MLS!  New MLS Users are required to complete the Self-Study Video Training and attend a 1-hour MLS Rules review session detailed below within 90 days of access to the MLS being provided. Failure to complete the required new user training will result in the immediate suspension of MLS services. 

Required Video Training (Self-Study)

Estimated Completion Time: 90 Minutes

Paragon Connect

  1. Paragon Native App Installation  (1:20)

  2. Dashboard - A Quick Overview (2:13)

  3. Homepage Navigation (20:08)

  4. Near Me Search (3:07)

  5. Property Searching (3:52)

  6. Driving Directions (1:49)

  7. Adding Contacts (15:30)

  8. Dashboard - Buyer Activity (6:06)

  9. Dashboard - Sellers (4:12)

  10. Adding a Listing (4:43)

Paragon Professional

  1. Homepage Overview (2:20)

  2. Homepage Message (0:50)

  3. Preferences (1:53)

  4. Searching (3:52)

  5. Quick Search (1:59)

  6. Adding a Listing (2:35)

Paragon Help Site

In addition to the training videos, the Paragon Help Site features other videos, webinars, and documents to assist you with the Paragon MLS system.

Required Rules Review (Zoom - 1 hour Live) *
GPRMLS New User Rules Training is held once a month via Zoom.  New users will receive an email invitation to register for the next available session.

* Questions?

Jaycee Miller Headshot 2023_0215.jpg

Jaycee Miller

MLS Customer Training & Support Administrator

Paragon Customer Care

For further system support, you can contact Paragon Customer Care to reach a customer support specialist.

Paragon Customer Care
(877) 657-4357
Mon - Fri 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sat 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Sun 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

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