What is Homebot?

 is an optional agent tool offered within the MLS that, if subscribed to, will provide clients with a customized monthly report that shows the following information on behalf of their agent:

  • Estimated home value with invite to verify price with their agent

  • Current home loans

  • Equity

  • Refinance options to save money

  • Benefits of paying down principle

  • Investment and move up potential

  • Equity use cases

How do I subscribe?

To access Homebot, login to your Paragon MLS account and select the "Access Homebot" option under the "Contacts" dropdown. See the screenshot below.


Homebot offers a 30-day free trial that is designed to create engagement with Sellers and show them what is possible. Current prices after the 30-day free trial period outlined by Black Knight are as follows:

  • $25/month – 500 Homeowners

  • $35/month 1000 Homeowners

  • Additional unlimited option available by contacting Black Knight